How Chiropractic Care Treatment Can Help Ease Pressure On Nerves?

According to statistics, 20 million Americans suffer from pinched nerves. It is a common problem that one encounters. It can also bring financial conflict because it can significantly affect your budget. It can start with pain until you feel sudden numbness in the affected area. In general, with the healing ability of your body, chiropractic care treatment can resolve this problem.

But, to secure your overall health and wellness, ongoing practice and therapy are recommended. 

Pressure on nerves can occur because of your lifestyle or unexpected accidents. You do not usually notice ahead of time because it gradually develops in your body. And when you realize it, it is already complicated. The good news is, The Glen Chiro in Minnetonka, MN, with the aid of Dr. Arthur Hooffman, can help you with your problems. In case you are wondering what pinched nerves are all about. Here are the things that you need to understand. 

What are Pinched Nerves?

Illustration Depicting a Pinched Nerve in the Spine, Showing Compression of Nerve Roots

Pinched nerves happen when there is an extreme force applied to your nerves and their surrounding tissues. This pressure blocks and interrupts your nerve’s functions that can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness around the affected area. 

The pressure can greatly affect your bones, muscles, tendons, and even your cartilage that disrupt you in doing your usual work, or overall productivity. Know that your nerves play a huge role in your body. It is the extension of your brain to your spinal cord that helps you manage your body.

And damages can cause minor to severe, and temporary to lasting problems. The thing is, the earlier you treat it, the quicker you get the relief. Rest assured that The Glen Chiro will offer everything that your body needs. 

What Causes Pinched Nerves?

Detailed Illustration Showing Various Causes of Pinched Nerves, Including Spinal Compression and Nerve Inflammation

One of the primary causes of pinched nerves is the extreme pressure on nerves. The pressure happens because of your repetitive activity or motions. It can also occur when your body stays in one position for a long period of time, for example, sleeping. 

Know that your nerves are vulnerable when your body travels through narrow spaces but only have small or limited tissues to protect them. It leads to nerve compression, and it usually happens in tissues surrounding your bones, tendons, and ligaments. 

Another thing to consider is the pressure or inflammation on your nerve root that exists in your spine. It can lead to low back and neck pain. It can also affect the other parts of your body, extending to your arm and shoulder. It can also radiate in your foot or leg. 

Know that several situations can lead to pressure on nerves, such as:  

  • Injury
  • Body Stress Due to Repetitive work
  • Obesity
  • Accident
  • Sports Activities
  • Hobbies

It is essential to note that it reduces your risks of getting permanent damage when your nerve damage is treated ahead of time. Once the pressure is treated, your nerve functions will go back to normal. However, people tend to ignore their condition, which can make their nerve damage worse.

Once the pressure spreads and develops, it can lead to permanent nerve damage. But, you do not need to worry about that because Dr. Arthur Hoffman of The Glen Chiro can assist you with your body needs. They can assess your condition and go directly to the root cause of the problem. 

What are the Common Symptoms of Pinched Nerve?

Graphic Showing Common Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve, Including Pain, Numbness, and Tingling Sensations

People experience different pinched nerve symptoms, and it usually depends on the affected area of your body. Here are the things that you should pay close attention to:

  • Sharp and shooting pain
  • Low and mid-back back pain
  • General spinal pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Numbness and tingling around your arms, legs, toes, and fingers
  • Burning sensations of your arms, legs, toes, or fingers
  • Headache
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty in grasping things

Note that when you treat it during its first symptoms, there is a slight possibility of suffering from permanent damage. Do not let that happen, have a regular checkup to The Glen Chiro to prevent health risks. 

What are the Risk Factors that Trigger Pressure on Nerves?

Illustration Highlighting Risk Factors for Pinched Nerves, Including Overuse, Obesity, and Poor Posture

There is a particular factor that increases your body’s risk of developing pinched nerves, such as:

  • Sex - According to statistics, women have a high tendency to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. It is because of the formation of their carpal tunnel itself. Women have smaller carpal tunnel than men, making them vulnerable to pinched nerves.
  • Bone Spurs - It happens when you suffer from trauma or a case that leads to bone thickening. Also, note that osteoarthritis can also lead to bone spurs. It stiffens your spine and narrows down the spaces that your nerves take in, sending signals within your body. 
  • Thyroid Disease - People who have thyroid disease tend to get carpal tunnel syndrome and develop other health issues. 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - This condition can cause inflammation within your body. It compresses your nerves, especially the one that surrounds your joints. It is painful and can disrupt your overall activity.

How Chiropractic Treatment Addresses Pinched Nerves?

Chiropractic Practitioner Performing Treatment Techniques on a Patient with a Pinched Nerve

There are different ways of treating pinched nerves, and the best of all is chiropractic treatment. The Glen Chiro with Dr. Hoffman can help you in treating your body problems. It goes directly on the root cause of the situation by evaluating your condition.

They conduct spinal manipulation and adjustment to correct your spine and relieve you from pressure. Dr. Hoffman also facilitates and assists you during your healing process, and makes sure that you can adequately do your regular activity. 



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