Pain Making You Miserable?

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From the moment I stepped into Dr. Hoffman's office, I knew it was going to be a better experience compared to my last chiropractor. Right from the start Dr. Hoffman was very professional ,thorough, and trustworthy (he really knows his stuff). He shows every intention and interest in providing solutions to your ailments and focuses on learning your individual adjustments needs and acts accordingly. Scheduling is a breeze with The Glen, and staff is always willing to accommodate. Great place!
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I have been taking treatments from Dr. Hoffman every week for 8 months. The relief he has given me from my accident has been a game changer. My injury was detected, explained and a plan was made to follow. If I am in more pain one day than another he ALWAYS makes time for me and cares for me. He also has an incredible personality and the office is kind and warm every time. I highly recommend The Glen!
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I was in a lot of pain in my neck and lower back, and The Glen fit me in same day within an hour! Doctor has AWESOME, caring and comfortable bedside manner!! Front administrator was friendly and also made you feel like a friend. Doctor was able to adjust me where I needed same day and my pain is less even after one visit. He also was able to show me on X-rays where my pain was coming from in my neck, spine and hips. I’m excited to finish my treatment plan!! I feel lucky to have found them!!

Headache, Migraines, Neckpain

Lower Back Pain, Sciatica or Disc Problems?

Neck or Back Pain, Auto Accidents

Other Conditions we treat

Adhesive Capsulitis, Arthritis, Balance Problems, Carpal, Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease, Difficulty Walking, Disc Herniation, Disc Injuries, Failed Back Surgery, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Golfers/Tennis Elbow, Headaches, Hip Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Impingement Syndrome, Jaw Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis, Low Back Pain, Muscle Spasms, Neck Pain, Overuse Injuries, Pinched Nerves, Piriformis Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Post-Surgical Back Pain, Radiculopathy, Regional Pain Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Shin Splints, Shoulder Pain, Soft Tissue Adhesions, Spinal Stenosis, Sprains and Strains, TMJ Disorder, Torticollis

The Glen is the premiere Chiropractic office in Minnetonka Minnesota serving patients from all walks of life to relieve their pain. We would love to see you at our Minnetonka office to see if we can help relieve your pain. Check out our latest new patient special at the top of the page. 

Hello my name is Dr. Arthur Hoffman and I am a chiropractor in
 Minnetonka and serve the greater Twin Cities with cost effective and highly
 successful healthcare. My chiropractic story begins around the time when I
was 10 years old. I was born with a curve in my spine, like scoliosis, but
 less severe. My family took me to a chiropractor to address it and prevent
 it from getting worse as I matured. With the care I received, my back
developed stronger and straighter and my curve is nearly untraceable now.
Since that time, I would get regular checkups to maintain my health and I
am proud to say I have had fewer injuries and illnesses than the average
person. I attribute my better health to a healthy nervous system through
 chiropractic. Today, I am adjusted at least once a week to maintain my
health and perform at my very best.

 My practice is bustling with a variety of people seeking injury
treatment, symptom prevention, maintenance of health, and a better sense of
wellness in their lives. On any given day I may treat a three week old
infant for a wellness checkup, a four year old with a history of ear
infections, a 45 year old with a disc injury, or a 75 year old with
multiple sclerosis. The beauty of chiropractic is that it works.. I have
seen what could be called miracles every day in my clinic and I am so
grateful for the chance to make a difference in the lives of many.

 I was born in La Crosse, WI and spent my youth on the bluffs and the
shores of the Mississippi. My passions were outdoor activities like
hiking, biking, snowboarding and camping. In my teens, I found my greatest
passion: the creation and performance of music. You could find me
practicing and studying music fanatically. I wanted to perform at my very
best and I knew dedication and practice would aid me in this quest. I
spent my first two years in college at University of Wisconsin La Crosse
studying music performance. About halfway through my degree, I realized my
true calling was more than to entertain my fellows, it was to heal my

I had the fortune of attending Palmer Chiropractic College of Davenport,
IA. Palmer is the birthplace of chiropractic and considered the ivy league
of chiropractic schools. I worked tirelessly to become the best doctor I
could and graduated Magna Cum Laude in spring of 2013. My wife and I
decided on the Twin Cities as our new home and I took a job at one of the
 largest clinics in the US located in Wayzata, MN. After a year of
learning, I knew I was ready to open The Glen Chiropractic and Acupuncture
and heal those of my community, my town, and city. You can expect the best
when you are a patient under my care and I promise to give only my best to
 you, your family, and friends.

My life is shared with my amazing daughter Gemma Rose Hoffman and our
Fawn doberman “Birdie”. I love travelling, cooking, and all sorts of
outdoor activities in any weather. Diet and exercise are a cornerstone
of my life and you can find me several times a week at the gym or out for a
run, bike or swim. I serve my community through membership in the
Minnetonka Rotary club, West Metro Rotaract club, and countless other
charitable events. I still retain my passion for music practice and
performance. Many weekends you can find me performing with jazz, blues,
rock, and bluegrass bands. Life is always a balance, just as health is
always a balance. I am thankful for everything life has brought and ever
grateful for the future to come.