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Don Strong

Dr. Art was a music major before he studied medicine as a grad student. It shows! I have been using chiropractors as my main health providers for 20+ years and I have experienced a lot of excellent healers. Although he is a ‘youngun’– Art is one of the best. His technique is gentle and very effective. Best thing about Dr. Art is he LISTENS CAREFULLY to his patients before he does any treatment. WHAT A CONCEPT! (Must be that earlier musical training). He also make HOUSE CALLS. Highly Recommended! You can’t find that level and quality of service hardly anywhere these days. My wife is a M.D. and she also goes to Dr. Art.


Joe Harder

Dr. Hoffman is amazing. He is both acurate and thorough with his diagnostics and treatment methods used. On my first visit he concentrated on an area in my middle upper back even though my pain was much lower, telling me that i was feeling tension there but it was caused by an issue where he was working. With only a few small corrections I was back moving freely again. Thanks again doc!


Evan Minkin — Dr. Art is a chiropractic genius


Änna Cecilia — Had a wonderful morning chat and adjustment with the amazing Dr. Art Not only does he help rid my neck of its awful awfulness, he boosts my spirits and encourages me to spread my awesomeness around : ) Seriously kids, good for the body, good for the mind, good for the spirit!


Rich Rasmuson — Dr. Art is amazing. Great professional and very friendly.


Dawn Wikstrom — Dr.Hoffman has helped my chronic back and neck issues. Thanks!!


Jenny Harder — Great comfortable experience and adjustment.


Tom Peterson — best Doc of Chiro I’ve ever experienced!!!