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Techniques and Treatments



Dr. Hoffman attended Palmer Chiropractic College and has attended dozens of technique seminars.  He has advanced and extensive training on adjusting every joint of the body.  There is a wide range of ways to treat joints, from hand adjustments to light force and tool assists.  Dr. Hoffman will assess your health and condition to decide what will work best for you.   The nervous system is responsible for every process in the body.  When the nervous system is working at its best, the body and mind function at their best.  Chiropractic affects the nervous system, so chiropractic is just common sense.



Dr. Hoffman is certified From the Academy of Medical Acupuncture to perform acupuncture and dry needling techniques on patients of every age.  By mixing Eastern Meridian and 5-element treatment with Western physical therapy applications, Dr. Hoffman has quickened the healing and maintained the balance of countless patients.   Migraines, chronic pain, muscle tension and depression are just a few of the condition treated with this age old healing art.


Therapeutic exercise (Rehab)

Treating the body includes all aspects including muscle along with the joints.  Therapeutic exercise offers muscle re-education, improvements in range of motion, better balance and coordination, and of course better strength.  Depending on condition and desire, exercise recommendations will be made to every patient.


Massage Therapy

Several types of massage are recommended to those wanting greater muscle work, injury prevention, and stress reduction.  Therapeutic, deep-tissue, post-injury, and pregnancy massage are some of the many offerings to patients and are recommended for all patients to find the best balance of health.


Adjunctive Therapy

Electric muscle stimulation, hot packs and cold packs, intersegmental traction, and manual muscle work aid the body for care and are recommended pre or post adjustment for all patients.  Your condition will determine what type of recommendations will be made.


Wellness lectures and events

Dr. Hoffman and his team can be found at health fairs and community events educating the public about their health and how to preserve it.  You will see Dr. Hoffman at local and city wide sport and athletic events offering muscle work, spinal work, and education about injury prevention and performance improvements.  The workplace is a great place to educate people about better posture, active lifestyles, and health improvements.  Dr. Hoffman would be honored to bring one of his many health talks, on-site performance improvement, and relaxation lunch breaks to your office or event.